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Eliminate Muscular Imbalance

Kineo assessment lead therapists towards an optimal recovery process.
Thanks to the Kineo evaluation system, physiotherapists and trainers can evaluate the static and dynamic conditions of a subject for evaluation and diagnostic purposes after an injury.
This information is essential to highlight any muscular imbalances, define strategies and control the progress of the recovery process.

Kineo System Machine For Rehabilitation03

Functional Rehabilitation Without Pain

Pain inhibits muscle tropism and hinders recovery
Kineo, with the Viscous method, allows rehabilitative exercises to be carried out without
feeling pain.
Just like working in water, the subject can manage the speed of movement and produce the maximum possible strength without exceeding the pain threshold.

Biofeedback In Real Time

Faster recovery time and better results
Kineo analyzes the movement 500 times per second to let the user control the execution of the exercise and to make the necessary corrections to reach the goal.
The Biofeedback system also develops proprioceptive skills by improving motor control and coordination.

Kineo Rehab Range




Pulley, Squat, Leg extension


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